2020 61st Annual US Armed Forces Chess Championship      VirginiaBeach, VA  October 10-12

5SS  G/120 + 30 A single half-point will be available. FIDE and US Chess Rated.

Important! This year's AFO is very different due to the Corona virus but is still OTB.  Read the TLA carfully.


The 2021 AFO will be held in Texas by Jim Hollingsworth. The website is   http://texasarmedforceschess.com/


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 The following is an excerpt from the TLA    Entries:  Venue restrictions limit the number of players to 20. USCF MCC player selection criteria: 12 slots are reserved for the Top 3 rated applicants from each service (USA, USN, USAF and USMC) who apply on or before Labor Day (Monday 7 SEP). Remaining 8 slots plus any of the unfilled 12 service slots will be assigned to other applicants based on their highest USCF regular ratings. List of participants will be finalized on Friday 11 SEP 2020 to allow sufficient time for selectees to make travel plans. U.S. Active Duty, Reservists, Military Retirees, Cadets, Midshipmen, and ROTC who have a current USCF membership may apply.


Eligible participants include past and present members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy,
Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, USPHS, and ROTC college students.
The US Academy students for the above services are also eligible.



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