Board of Directors & Members in Appointed Positions

Current Board of Directors (VCF ByLaws, Article 4, Section 1)
Elected by the General Membership on September 4th, 2021 at the Annual Membership Meeting in Glen Allen, VA
Position:  Name of Officer From Contact Information
VCF President: NTD/IA/IO Anand Dommalapati Centreville
VCF Vice President: Michael Callaham Richmond
Executive Secretary: NTD/FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown
Member-at-Large: Local TD Robby Jackson Virginia Beach
Member-at-Large: Vacant    
Members who serve in Appointed Positions (VCF ByLaws, Article 4, Section 3)
Appointed as required by the President or Board of Directors
Appointed Position:  Member's Name From Contact Information
Treasurer: NTD/FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown
VCF Newsletter Editor: FM Macon Shibut Vienna
Women's Chess Coordinator:  TBD Vacant TBD
Scholastic Chess Coordinator:  NTD/FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown
Membership Secretary: Local TD Georgina Chin Herndon
Web Master: NTD/FA Mike Hoffpauir Yorktown

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