Charlottesville Open
July 10-11, 2021

5 Rounds of US Chess-rated Over-the-Board Chess
in 2 sections -- Open & Under-1600

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All player ratings have been updated to reflect the July 2021 US Chess Rating Supplement
and show the higher of a player's over-the-board and online Regular Ratings.


$2,210 in prizes based on 55 paid entries.

Open Section: $500, $300, $200, Top U2000 $150, Top U1800 $140

U1600 Section: $300, $200, $150, Top U1300 $140, Top U1000/Unrated $130
Unrated Player winning any place prize is limited to $200

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Registration and Early Entry Fee

Entry Fee:  $65 by Sunday, July 4th, 2021

$80 starting Monday July 5th and on-site.
Online Registration will be shut down on Friday July 9th at 11PM.

BLITZ Entry Fee is $25 in advance, $30 on-site.  Prize payout for Blitz depends upon how many players decide to play.

Credit Cards, Cash or Check accepted on-site. 
$5 retained for any withdrawals before the tournament starts.

Re-Entry Fee is $30 ... which means if you lose in Round 1 you have the option to "Re-enter" the tournament in Round 2 with a 1/2-point Bye for Round 1. 

The List of Pre-Registered Players will be placed on the chess site


Comfort Inn Monticello, 2097 Inn Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22911.

Call the hotel directly to book your room -- 434-977-3300

The Chess Rate is available until Jun 10th for $99/night + taxes

Registration & Friday Night Blitz

  • Open From:  5-9PM on Friday evening July 9th, and from 8:00 - 9:15 AM Saturday July 10th at the Comfort Inn
  • Players not registered and paid by 9:15am Saturday risk not being paired for Round 1 of the main event.
  • Friday night BLITZ will start at 7 PM, with registration for Blitz closing at 6:30 PM.  Four (4) Double-Rounds at G/5, d/0.  Entry Fee is $25 in advance, $30 on-site.  1st prize of $200 is GUARANTEED for Blitz.  Prizes for 2nd, 3rd and Top U1600/Unrated at $125, $60, and $40 all based on having 20 players in the Blitz tournament.

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Round Times,
Event Schedule

Players play in one of two Sections:  Open or Under 1600.

ALL PLAYERS will be paired and sectioned using the higher of their July 2021 Over-the-Board (OTB) and Online (ONL) REGULAR ratings. A provisional ONL rating reflecting 15 or more games may be used by the Tournament Director if it is higher than the player's OTB rating and if the ONL rating is more current than the OTB rating.

Start times for the Rounds are:

       * Saturday:
  Round 1 @ 10-AM      Rd 2 @ 1:30 PM      Rd 3 @ 6 PM
       * Sunday:    Round 4 @ 10 AM      Rd 5 (Final round) @ 2:30 PM

Time Control: 
       * Round 1 will be played at Game 75 with 10-second time increment (G/75+10)
       * Rounds 2-5 will be played at Game 90 with 10-second time increment (G/90+10)

COVID-19 Precautions - The Virginia Chess Federation will observe and enforce local, state and federal standards in effect for COVID-19. 

The Hotel's COVID-19 protocols in effect at the time of the tournament have priority!!

- SETS will be provided for all players, but you can bring and use your own clock.  Clocks and sets will be sanitized by the Tournament Staff in-between each round.

We may allow some SPECTATORS, depending on occupancy restrictions in the playing room that are being enforced by the Hotel. Any player whose game is finished is considered to be a spectator.

- ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR FACE MASKS.  Bring one and a couple of extras for yourself!

- NO FOOD allowed in the Playing Room.  Bottled drinks with caps, including personal water bottles, will be allowed, this includes water, soda, energy drinks, etc.  Drinks in cups will not be allowed, even if the cup has a lid.

- No hand-shaking or fist-bumps.

- The VCF reserves the right to check the forehead temperature of any players before the start of a round. A forehead temperatture over 99.5 ... means you will not be allowed to play.  If you don't agree with this policy and procedures, then don't show up.


One half-point bye is available for the Main Event.  No Byes for Blitz.  Byes can be requested as part of your entry/registration process, but must be finalized 30 minutes before the start of Round 2 (e.g. by 1PM Saturday).

Membership Requirements

Current membership with the US Chess Federation (US Chess) is required. 
Go to to update your membership or purchase a new one.

VCF Membership is required for all Virginia residents. $15 adult. $8 for players age 17 and under.  Out-of-state Players not required to be VCF members. 
Click here to check your VCF Membership status.

For More

Mike Hoffpauir, National Tournament Director.  (757)846-4805 

No registrations will be taken by phone or email