44th Annual Virginia Open


Mar 2-4, 2012   Doubletree Hotel, Sterling VA
A VCF Cup Event!

IM Tegshuren Enkhbat
IM Tegshuren Enkhbat, 5-0 Open winner
Clark Smiley, winner of Amateur Section
Clark Smiley, 5-0 Amateur winner



MSA Post Event Rating

Games from the event - 16


Open Section Final Standings

Amateur Section Final Standings


 IM Tegshuren Enkhbat was the clear winner in the Open with a perfect 5-0 score. This was his second consecutive 5-0 victory at this site, having won the 2011 Northern Virginia Open. He also won the UMBC Open and Baltimore Open last month so is currently dominating the local chess scene.

Clark Smiley scored 5-0 to also be a clear winner in the Amateur section. Following close behind were 80 year old Richard Sherman and 14 year old Saroja Erabelli. They drew with each other and won their other games to finish with 4.5.

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Past Virginia Opens

Year Open Winner Amateur Winner Director
1992 Macon Shibut - Steve Stoyko Eldridge Alston Sam Conner
1993 GM Sergei Kudrin - Alex Sherzer John Clifford, Mark Lance, Robert Norman, Mike Cornell, Thomas Mc Intire Mark Johnson
1994 IM Eugene Meyer Woody Harris Mark Johnson
1995 William Morrison David Blair Allen Beadle
1996 GM Gennady Zaitchik, Shelby Getz, Rusty Potter, Boris Reichstein Edward Smith Allen Beadle
1997 IM Eugene Meyer, IM Ron Burnett, IM Rich Delaune, Edgar Inocencio Brian Starry, Mike Cornell, Yusef Ali, Steven Pollard, Joe Wheelhouse, Ted Udelson Michael Atkins
1998 IM Larry Kaufman, FM Emory Tate Ransom Carter Michael Atkins
1999 IM Adrian Negulescu, FM Emory Tate, Leonid Filatov Lance Rackham Michael Atkins
2000 GM Larry Kaufman Richard Fraser Michael Atkins
2001 FM Ilye Figler David O'Bryant Michael Atkins
2002 GM Alex Wojtkeiwicz, Rodion Rubenchik David Paulina Michael Atkins
2003 GM Alex Wojtkeiwicz Santy Wong, Richard Fraser, William Carroll Michael Atkins
2004 GM Walter Browne Andrew Briscoe Michael Atkins
2005 Andrew Samuelson Jack Barrow, Ted Udelson, James Cope Michael Atkins
2006 IM Larry Kaufman Ted Udelson Michael Atkins
2007 IM Larry Kaufman Allan Salgado, Jeevan Karamsetty Michael Atkins
2008 Shinsaku Uesugi, Edward Lu Ilya Kremenchugskiy, Shane Lewis, Richard Fraser, Nicholas Cravotta Michael Atkins
GM Eugene Perelshteyn Raghu Rajaram, Deodato Obregon, Jinsoek Kim Michael Atkins
2010 GM Larry Kaufman Trifilino Miaco, Ted Udelson, Bob Harrison, Karl Peterson Michael Atkins
2011 GM Larry Kaufman Zijun Zhou Michael Atkins
2012 IM Tegshuren Enkhbat Clark Smiley Michael Atkins