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#1:  GM Valentin Yotov


Home Country:  Bulgaria

Major:  Arts & Technology

Top 3 Chess Achievements:

     Bulgarian Champion, 2006

    Member of Bulgarian national team at Olympiads in Turin 2006 and Dresden 2008
    Winner of UTD Spring Invitational 2011
Hobbies:  Music, Game Design, Gym

#2:  GM Julio Sadorra

Home Country:  Phillipines

Major:  Business Administration

Top 3 Chess Achievements:

    Member of UTD Pan American Intercollegiate Team Champion 2010-12

     Second place at Philippine National Championship 2012
    Texas State Champion 2012

Hobbies:  Basketball, Reading business books/articles, Watching "Psych" and "Shark Tank"

#3:  GM Cristian Chirila


Home country:  Romania

Major:  International Political Economy

Top 3 Chess Achievements:

     1st place at World Youth 2007
     Shared 1st-3rd place at the Victor Ciocaltea Memorial in Romania
     1st place at UTD GM Invitational 2012

Hobbies:  Basketball, Tennis, Movies

#4:  GM Conrad Holt

Home country:  USA

Major:  Physics

Top 3 Chess Achievements:

     Chicago Open, May 2011 GM norm

     UTD invitational December 2011 GM norm

     UTD invitational March 2012 GM norm

Hobbies:  Computer Programming, Reading, Chess

Alt 1:  IM Milos Pavlovic

Home country:  Serbia
Major:  Molecular and Cell Biology
Top 3 Chess Achievements

     1st place at Yugoslavian Championship Under 14 1998
     1st place at Zupanja Open Croatia 2007
     Member of Smederevo Team (Champion of Serbia 2010)
Hobbies:  Reading, Movies, Walking

Alt 2:  IM Salvijus Bercys (Team Captain)

Home country:  USA

Major:  Accounting

Top 3 Chess Achievements

    2002 World Youth 3rd place Under 14
    2 time US Men's Championship finalist
    5 time Pan Americans Champion

Hobbies:  Basketball, Tennis, Movies

James Stallings
Director, UT Dallas Chess Program
IM Rade Milovanovic
Coach, UT Dallas Chess Program