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#3:  GM Wesley "the Asian Tiger" So


Home Country: Phillipines

Freshman -- Finance

Top Chess Achievements:

    1st American collegiate player to break 2700

    Youngest in chess history to break 2600

    Winner of 4 consecutive Filipino championships

Hobbies:  Reading, Music


#4:  GM Ray "the Fearless Attacker" Robson


Home Country: USA

Freshman -- Undecided on major

Top 3 chess achievements:

    Youngest Grandmaster in U.S. history

    U.S. Junior Champion

    Youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Championship

Hobbies:  Tennis, Ping Pong, Music

#1:  GM Georg "the German Precision" Meier


Home country:  Germany

Sophomore -- International Business

Top 3 chess achievements:

    European Team champion

    3rd place at Baden-Baden super tournament

    5th at World Junior Championship
Hobbies:  Cycling, Traveling, Movies

Alt 1: GM Manuel "the Yucatan Conquistador" Leon Hoyos


Home country:  Mexico

Freshman -- Economics

Top 3 achievements:

    US Open champion

    4-time Mexican Open champion

    Mexican champion

Hobbies:  Soccer, Kickboxing, Gym

#4:  GM Fidel "the Cuban Casanova" Corrales Jimenez

Home country:  Cuba

Major: Chemical Engineering

Top 3 chess achievements

    Continental champion

    Capablanca Open champion

    Catalan Circuit champion

Hobbies:  Soccer, Movies, Music, Dancing

Alt 2:  GM Anatoly "the Speedy Rocket" Bykhovsky

Home country:  Israel

Junior -- Finance

Top 3 chess achievements

    2-time Final Four Champion

    2-time Israeli Blitz Champion

    2-time SPICE Group B Champion

Hobbies:  Exercise, Sports

Susan Polgar GM Susan Polgar
Director, Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE),
Head Coach, Webster University
FM Paul Truong
Coach, Webster University