Tournament Rules for BLITZ
to be played on Friday, March 6th at 6:30 PM
As of February 7, 2020

If you were looking for the Main Event Rules, CLICK HERE.

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  • Blitz will be played using TOUCH-MOVE RULES in all sections.  It's just like Regular chess, except a valid claim of an Illegal Move is an instant win for the claimant. 

  •  New!   If the players discover their board was incorrectly set up, and both players have made 4 or fewer moves, then the players may re-start that game unless Checkmate occurs on or before move 4. After each player has completed their 4th move, if an illegal position is created or an illegal move made without the opponent making a claim, the position stands and a claim not allowed when the opponent has determined the next move (e.g. has released their piece on its destination square).

  • CLICK HERE to see the US Chess Scholastic Blitz Rules.  One "round" of Blitz is two games, you play one game with each color.  Exception:  All Players will be paired using their US CHESS REGULAR CHESS RATING, not their Blitz Rating.

  • You need a CHESS CLOCK to play Blitz!!  Every Blitz game MUST have a chess clock at the board.

  • To Register Online for Blitz, select the REGISTRATION TAB on the left or click the link below.  The Entry Fee for Blitz is $20 if you register and pay by midnight on Saturday, February 29th, 2020.  Starting on Sunday March 1st the entry fee increases to $30.  On Friday March 6th, the Entry Fee for on-site registration is $35.
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    If you prefer to Register through the US Mail, click here, the Mail-in Registration Form is on Page 2 of the document you will open. Please put your registration in the mail by Saturday, February 29, 2020 to ensure we receive it on time!!

  • ALL BLITZ GAMES WILL BE PLAYED ON FRIDAY EVENING Round 1 is at 6:30 PM SHARP, follow-on Rounds will start 10-15 minutes after the previous round ends.  Blitz should be done between 8:30 and 9PM

  • Player Eligibility ANY Scholastic or Collegiate player can play in the Blitz event.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A RESIDENT OF VIRGINIA to play.  All other eligibility requirements (except for VA residency) apply to the Blitz tournament as given in the Main Event Rules.

  • Players not registered and paid for Blitz by 6 PM Friday March 6th will not be paired for Round 1 of the Blitz tournament.  Players who arrive too late to enter by 6PM can still enter for Round 2.

  • Blitz Awards will be handed out Saturday 10 minutes before the start of Rounds 2 and 3.  The following awards will be distributed for Blitz:

    • 1st-8th Individuals and 1st-5th Teams in the K-5 and K-12 Blitz Sections.

    • 1st and 2nd Individual and Teams in the College Blitz Section.

    • Blitz is an Individual Event with team points calculated as described on the Main Event Rules page. 

    • For Blitz, teams are formed in the same manner as for the main event ... but only the TOP 3 PLAYERS points count toward the Team Points.

  • Blitz is played in 3 Sections:  K-5 and K-12, and College.  K-5 players can "play-up" into the K-12 Section, but no Scholastic player may enter the College Section. 

    • If the College Blitz Section has fewer than 5 players, or if all 5 players are from two or fewer teams, then the College Section will be combined into the High School Section ... but College awards will be kept separate from the K-12 awards.

  • We will play 4 Rounds of chess in Blitz

    • Time Control is Game-in-5 minutes, with NO TIME DELAY.

    • Players play two games each round, one game as White and one game as Black.

    • You may not request a Bye, although a Bye will be assigned by the computer if the section has an Odd Number of players.

    • For other Blitz rules, CLICK HERE to see the US Chess Scholastic Blitz Rules.

  • Chess Sets and Boards will be provided at the tournament.  YOU MUST HAVE A DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK TO PLAY BLITZ!!  We do not have enough clocks to loan them out for the tournament.

  • Chess Notation is NOT required in Blitz.  Aren't you glad!

Questions:  Contact Mike Hoffpauir by email, or phone 757-846-4805